Learn with me

I don’t have the time to work with everyone that I’d like to be able to. Which is why I put out a lot of free content so I can help as many people as possible as much as I possibly can.

Some of the places you can learn with me for free.

SEO Tips Book

101 Quick SEO Tips

A book packed full of SEO Tips to get your SEO knowledge boosted in no time. Even experienced SEO’s will find something new in there!

SEO Podcast

SEO Is Not That Hard

A podcast that aims to help people with actionable SEO and online marketing advice

SEO Guides

SEO Guides

I’ve published a whole series of SEO Guides over at KeywordsPeopleUse.com which I add to frequently.

SEO Glossary

SEO Glossary

I keep a regularly updated complete SEO Glossary at KeywordsPeopleUse.com, let me know if I’m missing a term!

Looking for some dedicated help?

If you are looking for some direct dedicated help from me then start by getting a FREE, no obligation, Strategy Call to see how you could be improving your website and business performance. I guarantee you’ll get at least one, usually more than one, stand-out, actionable, pieces of advice.