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Current Projects

Here are some of the projects and organizations I am currently involved with:



A unique keyword research tool that specialises in discovering the questions people ask online.
A SaaS tool with freemium, PAYG, and Subscription plans.

Podcast host

SEO Is Not That Hard

A podcast that aims to help people with actionable SEO and online marketing advice

Angel investor & Advisor


Homebox allows you to consolidate all your household payments into a single bill as well as helping to find the best deals.


Compton Media

Publisher of a portfolio of content and e-commerce websites.
Primarily monetized via affiliate marketing relationships.

In the words of others..

I have collaborated with Edd on multiple projects over the years. He is an SEO expert who delivers results and understands the commercial impact of SEO. Edd communicates SEO strategies clearly and concisely, without any unnecessary jargon.
Carl hendy
Founder Audits.com
Recently had the chance to work with Edd again and true to form, was extremely impressed with his level of knowledge and his enthusiasm for the power of SEO. He also has high levels of integrity so can be trusted as a service provider. Would recommend to anyone.
Ian Malone
Brand Experience Director Oracle

Outside of SEO

Horses and the countryside are the passion of most of my family, so rather than supercars or spending most of the year traveling, our indulgence has been becoming part-time farmers on the side.

So when I’m not deep in websites, SEO and online marketing you’ll find me out on the land caring for livestock (pigs, sheep & horses) or riding a tractor improving the land.

Here’s a few photos from around our farm.

My Backstory

2023 to date – Podcast Host – “SEO Is Not That Hard”

The podcasting journey has been a great deal of fun and it’s allowed me to connect with a whole new audience, and I also think I’ve managed to help a few people on the way!

2022 to date – Founder – KeywordsPeopleUse.com

KeywordsPeopleUse is a SaaS tool that helps people find the questions that their audience are asking online, we now have over 13,000 users spread across almost every country in the world.

2021 – Successful exit from broadband.co.uk with sale to Genie Ventures Ltd.

In 2021 we were approached by one of our competitors in the broadband comparison space and after some hard negotiating on both sides agreed a deal to sell and exit the business that we had set up to operate broadband.co.uk. 

2018 to date – Farmer.

In non-tech and non-SEO move we bought a small, and much neglected, farm in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales Peak District countryside here in the UK.

2018 to date – Angel Investor.

I’ve made a number of angel investments in the years since 2018.

2004 to date – Founder Compton Media, publisher of a portfolio of content websites including broadband.co.uk.

Starting in 2004 (going all in on the venture in 2007) we created Compton Media as the vehicle to develop a portfolio of content websites, primarily monetised with affiliate marketing. Our most well known website was broadband.co.uk which we grew over the course of 18 years to be amongst the largest dedicated broadband price comparison websites in the UK. We still own and operate a number of websites that drive millions of visitors a year.

1997-2007 – Worked in the public and private sectors.

I cut my teeth in the world of professional work initially at Derby University, where I ended up as a Technical Architect on some of the earliest online learning platforms. I then moved into the private sector working with the well known (at the time) London advertising agency SOUK as their Technical Director where I got to work on digital marketing campaigns with many well known brands (in the UK at least!) such as Tesco, BAFTA, Cineworld Cinemas, FlyBe, Cosmos amongst others.

1994-1997 – BSc (Hons) Computer Science, Newcastle University.

This is where my technical grounding can be traced back to. A fantastic university to be a student all those years ago!


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